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ESX Server 3.5 – A general system error occurred: The file is too big for the filesystem

i copied this from some other blog:

So there I was, trying to create an uber sized partition on my RAID 10 array within my vmfs3 partition.

The problem? A general system error occurred: The file is too big for the filesystem
This was the error I received when attempting to create a 600GB Virtual Disk on VMWare ESX Server 3.5.

This was a problem. I learned the reason why though. Since I partitioned the storage volumes during installation the installer used block size 1 which only allows Virtual Disks of 256GB.

The solution? Reformat the volume with larger block sizes.

Block size Max Virtual Disk size
1 256 GB
2 512 GB
4 1024 GB
8 2048 GB

Now I had to figure out how to do this without destroying my data.

My server has a 73GB Mirrored boot drive and 900GB of RAID 10. Fortunatly I had enough free space on the boot drive to transfer the data from the RAID 10 temporarily.

Logging into the console of the host I:
cd /vmfs/volumes/vh-01:storage1
Having previously taken note of the volume label and the device name of the volume I wished to modify, in my case vh-01:storage1 and vmhba1:1:0:1, I move the existing data out of Storage1 and into Storage2.
Use the Storage Browser to move your VMs
Next I ran the command to reformat Storage2
vmkfstools –createfs vmfs3 –blocksize 4M -S vh-01:storage1 vmhba1:1:0:1

I chose a 4MB blocksize because this volume will never exceed 1024MB.

Then I just moved the data back to Storage1.


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  1. /vmfs/volumes # vmkfstools –createfs vmfs3 –blocksize 4M -S datastore1 vmhba1:1:0:3
    Creating vmfs3 file system on “vmhba1:1:0:3” with blockSize 4194304 and volume label “datastore1”.
    Successfully created new volume: 48a9d570-d53f362e-1f1f-003048c2bcaf
    /vmfs/volumes #

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